Have You Heard of Industry Night?

What do servers do when they are not serving? Where do bartenders go when they are not tending bar? Folks in the hospitality industry need a place to relax and be among others who understand the business, and what they go through daily. Hence the inception of Industry Night. What exactly is industry night? What is it all about? Who attends? Read on to learn more about this special evening filled with relaxation and fun.

What Is It All About?

It is a special day and time hosted by a restaurant, bar, or club exclusively for hospitality industry personnel such as chefs, dishwashers, servers, bartenders, etc. Sometimes there is live music or a DJ.

When is Industry Night?

There is really no such thing as the “weekend” when you work in food and beverage. So, Industry Night is usually held on a weeknight. And, on what would often be considered a typically slow night, like a Sunday or a Monday. These are days when other places may close early, but on Industry Night, they may stay open later. It is the perfect time to relax after working a long busy weekend serving everyone else who is out partying.

Where Is It?

Ask your favorite hot spots if they host this special night. If not, perhaps they will start! These special nights are held all around town, and are sometimes an industry “secret,” while others are highly advertised. Either way, they are always a blast. Did you know that O’Loughlin’s has an industry night? It is an evening we all look forward to!

What is offered?

Great drink specials, delicious food, good times, and later hours. That way, folks can stop in for a quick bite and a drink after a shift. Or, they can plan an entire fun day, free from worry. The best part? They get the opportunity to be taken care of for a change!

Come to Industry Night at O’Loughlin’s!

Do you work in the service/hospitality industry? Come to O’Loughlin’s and let loose! Our industry night is Sunday Night from 9pm to 12am. Enjoy 2o percent off your check and $5 shooter specials. Hope to see you there!