The 80’s Are Back

The 80's are back featured

The 80’s Are Back at O’Loughlin’s

31st Anniversary Party

Saturday August 19th, 2017

Open 11 am – Close

Weird Science will perform at 9:00 PM

weird science music

Party like it’s 1986! Get out the neon colors and put on your jelly bracelets and blue eye shadow. Tease out and spray your hair, remember the higher, the better! Throw on your Reeboks, flip that collar, and click on your fanny pack. Whether you are preppy or punk, all are welcome!

Come and celebrate O’Loughlin’s 31st anniversary in full on 80’s style. Rock out to 80’s cover band Weird Science. We will have prizes and give-a-ways, plus Happy Hour lasts all night. Come as you are, or dress in your best 80’s style…either way, You look fabulous!

Costume Contest!

80’s Fads and Trends

That are like totally like tubular!

Big Hair

For both the ladies and guys, big hair was in. This was before anyone cared about the ozone, so aerosol sprays like AuquaNet ruled the day. Styles were permed, teased out, and rock hard. If your hair could not withstand 55 mph winds, you really were slacking. The best haircuts had options, like “business in the front, and party in the back.”


Popular among dancers in the studio and aerobics classes, this trend burst into mainstream fashion in a big way. Chicks could be seen sporting leg warmers over jeans, or with mini skirts. There really was no wrong way to wear them, NOT!


Spandex was yet another fashion cross over: worn by both men and women, in and out of the gym, in all colors and finishes such as shiny, matte, or sequenced. Let’s give it up for the 80’s spandex revolution, because, without it, we would not have our yoga pants to lounge around in. And let’s also be grateful this is one trend the guys decided to let go of pretty early on. Fer sure.


What better way to accentuate your high ponytail than a scrunchie? Whether you preferred on top or to the side, these accessories could match any outfit. And they didn’t damage your hair, although all the gel, mousse, teasing and hairspray pretty much negated that benefit. But dang girl you like fine!

Mini Skirts

Whether paired with your favorite sneakers and scrunchie socks or spike heels and lace socks, the shorter and tighter your mini skirt the better. When this fashion was re-introduced many naysayers frowned and said it would never last. Well, if you go the mall even now in 2017, you will realize that that statement could not be further from the truth. Omigawd, so fantabulous.

Jelly Shoes and Bracelets

Anyone who ever wore a pair of jelly shoes on a hot summer day, within 30 minutes realized the sacrifices we make for fashion. Let’s just leave it at that. And what would the 80’s be without an armful of jelly bracelets? If you were a punk, you wore black, if you were mall chick, you wore neon. Any one who lived through this trend will agree, it was the jam.

Finger-less Gloves

Another popular trend for both guys and chicks…lace for the girls and leather for the guys. Whether you were a fan of Madonna or Quiet Riot, finger-less gloves were a must. The 80’s were truly ahead of their time, too bad touchscreen technology did not exist yet. Oh well, maybe we can re-introduce this trend, today, for you know, it’s like so awesome.

Let’s Party

So instead of sitting around on a Saturday night flipping the Rubix cube, brush up on your break-dancing moves, toss aside your Care Bear, and turn off the Atari. Throw on your Cocoa-Cola shirt or parachute pants and get ready to party like its 1986. Cowabunga! It will be totally legit and let’s face it if you are not there, you’re lame. No duh.

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