Tips for how to give a proper toast

How To Give A Proper Toast

The holiday season is upon us. Whether you attend many parties or simple family gatherings, a toast is a great way to give thanks and appreciate your friends, family, and host. But, did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to offer up polite or funny blessing? Never worry again about preparing an impressive speech or how to deliver it. We have the do’s and don’ts on how to give a proper toast. Follow these tips and this year as everyone holds up their glasses and has their eyes on you, impress them with your incredible toasting skills.

Allow the Host to Take the Lead

Usually, it is appropriate to let the host give the first speech of the evening. However, if the event is in honor of the host, it is acceptable to offer up appreciation to him or her. If you are the host, try to keep it brief and to the point. Consider something like, “I am so happy we are all here to celebrate this occasion together. Thank you for coming. Here’s to a prosperous New Year!”

Get Others Involved

Having a fear of speaking in public is entirely natural. Jerry Seinfeld once said “People’s number one fear is public speaking…Number two is death.” Nothing can feel more uncomfortable than standing in front of a group of strangers or even friends and family, all eyes on you. Also, this can be especially nerve-wracking if you are trying to quiet a crowd. So, don’t go it alone! Recruit a couple of assistants to help get everyone’s attention. They can also stand with you so that you do not feel the pressure of the spotlight so intensely.

Timing and Practice

For special occasions take the time; write and practice your toast. A successful speech is one that is well-planned, has a specific point, and is well rehearsed. Remember that the shorter, the better. Also, while it is ok to be funny, remember that you are giving a toast, not a roast.

Go with The Flow

In a pinch, should the toasting time spring up, and your glass is empty, don’t stall the process. Raise your empty glass — no need to stop and halt the momentum. Give your toast, and pretend to take a drink.

Never Clink Your Glass

Use other methods rather than banging the side of your glass with a butter knife. Set the mood with grace. Today, it is distracting and can annoy people. In the past, the clinking of glasses was thought to drive away evil spirits. Instead, get everyone’s attention and lift your glass towards the center of the room to indicate you are about to begin.

Never Drink to Yourself

If the host or someone else proposes a toast in your honor, hold your glass discreetly and humbly. Don’t raise your glass or take a drink until everyone else has and brings their glass down. Consider that Raising your glass and taking a sip during your won toast is the equivalent of patting yourself on the back.

Toast the Host

Don’t forget to offer a toast to the host and say thank you to the host for pulling off a successful event. A little speech of gratitude is a great way to show appreciation. Once again, keep it short, and say something like, “Thank you for including all of us in such a wonderful holiday celebration. We all know the hard work it takes to create such a fun and festive event. Your hard work certainly paid off, and we are all grateful. Here’s to a prosperous New Year! Cheers!”

Celebrate With Us!

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