Father's Day gift of night out at O'Loughlin's Pub

Give the Gift of Happiness and Well-Being


Father’s Day is coming up so give the gift of happiness and well-being.  What better way than a night out with friends? Wait? What? It’s true. At least according to a study conducted by Robin Dunbar director of  Oxford University’s social and evolutionary neuroscience research group. He found that men reap many health benefits from a night out with friends, not once, but at least twice a week. His team conducted research, plus collected, compared, and combined data from three separate studies. Here’s the catch, though. They looked at whether it was only the frequency of consuming alcohol, or if it was the type of establishment that affected the men’s health. Through questionnaires, observing behavior in pubs, and a national survey by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) the team investigated men’s social experiences and well-being. So, is going out for a few pints good for men’s health? Here are the results of the study.


  • First, and most importantly, the study found it is not advantageous for men to binge drink with their buddies.  It is the social side of a pub visit that is in fact beneficial.


  • Second, it was determined that for ultimate well-being men should physically meet up with four friends, two times a week. And, while hanging at the pub encourages male bonding, the researchers found that a range of activities from team sports to trivia night or simple male banter all build strong bonds.


  • Next, back at the pub, researchers discovered alcohol does seem to play a role in triggering endorphins relative to other complex bonding systems like dancing, singing, and storytelling.


  • Also, the study found it is the social networking that provides the most important buffer against mental and physical illness. According to Dunbar, men who maintain social groups are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and worrying. Furthermore, these men tend to have stronger immune systems and can recover quicker from illness.


  • Additionally, secondary findings show that while there are obvious benefits to these social engagements, only around 40 percent of men are making a “guys night” a weekly affair.


  • What’s more, researchers found that people who have a local spot that they tend to visit regularly feel more socially engaged and content. This works to build community trust.


  • Lastly, those who gather at their local pub tend to socialize in smaller groups thus encouraging inclusive conversation. And, conversely, those drinking in larger city bars hang out in larger groups and hence do not really foster bonding.


This year for Father’s Day, give the gift of happiness and well-being.  Treat the man in your life to gift certificates from O’Loughlin’s. It is a scientific fact that men reap health benefits from a night out with friends!

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