last minute Halloween costumes

Fun Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

For some Halloween is a delightful time of year, for others, it is the Bane of their existence. Whether you love it or hate it, we have some clever last-minute Halloween costumes you can put together in moments from things you have laying around the house. They are funny and witty and sure to keep people both guessing and chuckling.

Pumpkin Pie

Start with an orange t-shirt. Next, you have two options. Either cut out a Pi shape out of felt and glue it to the front of the shirt. Or, you can simply use a permanent marker and draw it. Lastly, use a plastic pumpkin and make a “necklace.” Hence, Pumpkin Pie!


Wear a tracksuit, or matching t-shirt and jogging shorts. Perhaps a pair of knee high athletic socks, sneakers, and a sweatband. Finish with some metals and carry around a few loaves of bread. Yay! You are a breadwinner!

Fork in the Road

Use a plain black t-shirt and adhere whit dashes or two thin yellow stips to mimic a road. Affix a fork right in the middle. Therefore, a fork in the road.

Ceiling Fan

Choose a t-shirt any, color. Take a permanent marker and write across the front, “Way to Go Fan!” Finish with coordinating pom-poms, and then you are the ultimate “ceiling fan.”

Pig in a Blanket

Wear pink head to toe and a pig nose and ears. Wrap yourself in a blanket, and suddenly you are a pig in a blanket. Makes fun couples costume too!

Ghost (classic or emoji)

The quintessential classic Halloween costume. Start with a white sheet as a base. For a little fun, add a modern twist by drawing the ghost emoji face and tongue sticking out.

Smartie Pants

Take a pair of pants and affix packages of “Smarties” candies all over them. Wear a pair of “nerd glasses,” a button down shirt with a pocket protector and all of a sudden you are Mr. or Mrs. Smartie Pants.

Chip on Your Shoulder

Chose your favorite brand of chips then wear a coordinating color shirt. For example, yellow for Lays or red for Doritos. Affix the bag of chips to your shoulder. While we may not know the reason you have a “chip on your shoulder” you will have a snack for later should you get hungry.

Deviled Egg

For this one, you need a crisp white t-shirt as a base. EIther paint or glue a bright yellow oval on the middle. Then wear devil horns and a tail. Voila, you are a “deviled egg.”

Tacky Tourist

Find the most colorful flowered shirt, an oversized pair of shorts, a fanny pack, black socks and sandals, sunglasses and a visor. The tackier, the better!


A classic costume that will always be popular. You can go spooky and wear all black, or goofy and wear bright colors. Add a pair of fun striped tights or socks, topped off with witch’s hat.


Pick up a black cloak and a pair of fake sharp teeth. If you are into it, with some white face paint finished with a red “blood streak.”

Joker or Clown

We clump these together because they start with the same elements…face paint and colorful clothes. You decide which direction you would like to go.

Never dread your next spooky celebration invite. With these last-minute Halloween costumes, you could be the life of the party! Join us this year at O’Loughlins as we celebrate Halloween. There will be live music, food and drink specials, and costume contests!