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What the Heck is Dining Al Fresco?

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, we love to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outdoors. And, there is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather of the Chesapeake than to dine al fresco. What the heck is dining al fresco, you ask?

Fancy Word, Fun Meaning

The phrase “al fresco” is Italian and translated in the United States means “in the fresh (air).” When the term is used in the U.S. relative to dining or at a restaurant, it means to eat outside. Sometimes, you may see it alternatively spelled alfresco, and used in reference to open-air concerts or performances. When a restaurant offers an al fresco dining option that means they have a patio or designated outdoor area set up with tables and chairs. Additionally, with full service provided by servers and bartenders.

Benefits of Dining Al Fresco

  • Encourages Family Time – We all live busy lives, right? Sometimes the only opportunity to gather the family together is for a meal. Dining al fresco with the family is a fun, casual way to catch up with loved ones in the sunshine or under the stars. Plus, because you are outside, it is a bit more laid back, so you can feel free to laugh and have fun.
  • Romantic Table for Two – Sometimes you want to share a quiet meal with your loved one. What could be more romantic than a little table for two under the stars as you sip and nibble and spend time with your SO (significant other)?
  • Fortified With Vitamin D – Vitamin D works wonders for your immune system, is great for your heart and helps prevent bone disease. And, sure, you can get it in plenty of foods and beverages, but did you know sunshine also provides the body with essential Vitamin D? So, every meal you eat outside on a sunny day is automatically fortified with Vitamin D!
  • Naturally Boosts Your Mood – After a long dreary winter and a rainy spring, you may know how the lack of sunshine affects your mood. Studies have even shown that populations that spend all their time inside experience higher rates of anxiety. Having lunch or dinner outside allows for you to experience nature. Imagine birds chirping, a gentle breeze, the warm sunshine on your skin. Just thinking about it makes us happier!

Words of Wisdom

We do need to make sure you keep in mind, however, that the term dining “al fresco” takes on different meanings depending on the country. In Italy, where the term originates, the literal translation is “in the cooler” which is similar to slang in the U.S meaning in jail or prison. So word of advice…when traveling to Italy, it is more appropriate to say: all’aperto or all’aria aperta or even fuori.

Dining Al Fresco at O’Loughlin’s

At O’s we don’t mind how you say it! We invite you to come on in this season and partake in a meal or a beverage on our outdoor patio. Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze with your favorite folks. Ciao!