Live music makes you happy

10 Reasons Why You Need Live Music in Your Life

Live music makes you happy


No doubt about it, listening to live music is exhilarating. We challenge anyone to try and sit still when a band strikes up a tune. But did you know that live music is actually good for you? There are multiple reasons why you need live music in your life, and here are only 10 of them!

1. It Moves You

Sure, live music stirs the soul. But it also gets the body moving too! It’s hard to sit still when your favorite band starts to play. And that amounts to great exercise. Did you know you could burn up to 400 calories an hour dancing?

2. Stress Reduction

We all lead busy, somewhat stressful lives, right? One of the most notable benefits of live music concerts is stress reduction. It’ scientific. Here’s how: music performances decrease the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Further, studies by the Imperial College of London show this decrease also helps lower blood pressure.

3. Improves Your Mood

How could you not be happy dancing and spending time with friends? The people, the music, and the fun atmosphere you experience while listening to live music boosts your emotions and state of mind.

4. A Sense of Togetherness

While you may think it is easy to get lost in a crowd, not so at a live music event. Everyone is there for one reason. When the group is simultaneously moving and singing along, it is a sense of community you can’t feel anywhere else.

5. Supports the Community

Going to huge concerts is a blast. But when you attend a local show, you are supporting the members of your very own community. Not only is it super fun, but you are also basically helping your neighbors feel happy and fulfilled as well!

6. Improved Well-Being

Studies have shown that people who attend concerts regularly have an improved sense of mental well-being. Additionally, they are happier in their everyday lives and may even live longer.

7. Discover Something New

There is no end to the types of music on this planet. Even if you attend a live event for your favorite artist, chances are there will be an opening act, or they may change up their set. This is an excellent way to discover new music that is similar to your liking. You may even find a new favorite!

8. Receive Inspiration

Attending a concert can be inspiring in many ways. Perhaps you are an artist looking for a new method. Or you are moved to the point of a new personal discovery. Music can touch a person to the depths of the soul.

9. Renewed By the Vibrant Energy

Heading to a live music event can be compared to the thrill of riding a roller coaster. You are excited as you get in line to buy a ticket. You feel a sense of exhilaration as you enter the ride and travel up the hill waiting for the big thrill. You experience an overwhelming sense of arousal as you head down and into the twists and turns. You are breathless at the finish. All of this releases dopamine in your brain, the chemical for happiness.

10. Relieves Pain

Studies have shown that listening to live music relieves not only emotional pain but can help with physical pain as well. Your brain releases bot dopamine and endorphins, which in turn reduce or even block pain.

Who Needs a Reason?

Going to a gig is a great way to build relationships with the people in your lives and a chance for you all to have a collective memory of something great that you’ll never want to forget. Do you really need a good reason to head out an listen to live music? Bottom line, it is pure unadulterated fun, you need live music in your life! Looking to catch your favorite band or discover new musical talent? Head out to O’Loughlins. We have live music every week!